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Drain Membrane for Deck Structure drain water out of the deck to create a dry underdeck for extra storage

U.S. patent # 9,453,338 – PCT/CA2015/000250

Easy to Install
Drain Membrane for Deck Structure
Heavy Duty Polyethylene

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Watertight your deck for less: each 66 s.f. roll is 53 $ + shipping

Innovative Z folds allow the membrane to act as flashing and as funnel

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(1) Install joists at 16’’ c/c with an upstream (ledger) to downstream (end of deck) slope between 1/8’’ to 1/4’’ per linear feet. Cut membrane to desired length then positioned it between 2 joists. Fold it at 90º against the wall then staple it on top of the first joist edge. The joist edge is totally covered by the membrane. Staple the other side of the membrane on top of the next joist edge.

(2) Open the membrane Z folds to create a gutter between the 2 joists.

(3) At the end of the deck, adjust gutter depth to evacuate water then staple the Z folds in closed position on top of the end joist.

(4) Install a 4’’ self-sealing bitumen tape on top of each joist edge to prevent water leaks.

(5) At the end of the deck make a hole, between the 2 Z folds, to evacuate water off the membrane. This hole could be connected to a gutter downspout with neoprene washer roofing screws.

(6) Water coming from all gutter downspouts can be collected by a gutter and redirected.

(7) Install deck boards over drain membrane with 1/8’’ spacing between each boards. The screws will go through self-sealing bitumen tape and drain membrane.