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Building Code

1 - Goberco deck drainage system requires to be installed on sloped joist to drain water off the deck, such slope should be between 1% (1/8’’ per foot) and 2 % (1/4’’ per foot). Deck slope means less standing water so as less chances of ice/slip/rot which is in accordance with industry good practice.

2 - Deck near a pool or spa: International Code Council (ICC) 2012 requires a deck pitch that drains water in a goal to reduce slipping hazard, see

3 - ‘’I was thinking of using 1/8" slope per foot of run. Would this be enough or should I increase it? I have had good luck using 1/4"/foot. This would drop the deck 2 1/2" over 10 feet. Not too much I think, but enough to get rid of all the water......Mark Hammond’’

4 - What is the standard deck slope for a deck to allow water drainage? 1/4" per Foot is a safe standard. But you should always have a slope even on regular wood decks. 2% is great. But you could probably get away with 1" over 6' instead of 4'.

5 - An important factor in the lifespan of a deck is its ability to withstand the elements. Water- and pest-resistant pressure-treated lumber is the most common decking material, but mildew can grow and the wood can rot if water doesn’t have an escape route. To avoid puddling water, the deck should have a slight slope.

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