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  • Each roll ( 10'' diameter ) is 50' long x 17,25'' width, covering 66 s.f. and weights 12 pounds.
  • Also available 13,25'' width roll for 12'' joist spacing.
  • Self adhesive/sealing 4'' tape: bitumen or butyl such as '' joist guard'' - ''blue skin'' - ''deck wise''… available at retailers.
  • Screws to attach deck membrs to gutter run-out: we suggest neoprene washer roof screws available at retailers.


Watertight your deck for less: each 66 s.f. roll is 53 $ + shipping

Please first check if our Deck Membrane is available at your local Building Material Retailer if not you can order online.

  1. $53/roll


    Goberco Deck Membrane Roll
    50’ X 17.25’’ covers 66 sq.ft. Area
    For 16’’ joist spacing